Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Times Two!

Thank goodness, spring is just about here. We've got seedlings growing indoors, and we're itching to get outside and start planting soon. I've been working on some new spring items in the meantime, including these Bird Personalized Bookplates with matching beaded bookmarks:

And (in anticipation of the weeds that will be sprouting in our yard before long), these silvery Dandelion Matchbook Jotters:

Happy Spring to you!


  1. you know i love your bookplates! and the matchbook journals are just perfect for spring!

  2. I love that matchbook style. We've got seedlings going too, hopefully over spring break we'll get a little time in the garden. Enjoy the week Christy!

  3. why hello there miss schneider!

    i just want to put it out there... and let you know..
    that i love your work and your blog is simply delightful!

    have fun being inspired,
    and thank you for being wonderful!
    x x

  4. Thanks, Lauren! Nice to hear from you!