Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Two Sisters Jewelry Boutique

I've had an influx of custom work lately, which has been a nice change (although I'm behind on reprinting some items on my own website, but I hope to catch up soon). One of the projects recently has been jewelry cards for Two Sisters Jewelry Boutique out of Arizona. They're simple little cards for earrings and necklaces, but fun to do, and set off Gina and Jennifer's designs nicely.

Printing the orange ink on the brown paper has been a little bit of a challenge. It turns out that it takes a double hit of ink to make it pop. I put the paper in, print it once, let it dry for about 8 hours, and then come back and print it again. Luckily, the registration has been lining up fairly well, so the letters remain crisp. Anyway, check out their website here — so many beautiful, beautiful things!


  1. These look so good Christy. I'm sure they are very pleased!!

  2. what a great use for letterpress! they look terrific - the cards AND the earrings!

  3. Thank you, Christy! You did a wonderful job and my customers LOVE them!