Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot Off the Press, For a Cause

I've just finished a new note card design featuring a school of silvery fish (and a little turquoise one) that go 'round and 'round on a beautiful turquoise background. I made them especially for this month's Poppytalk Handmade market, which is a fundraiser for the relief effort for the Gulf Oil Spill.

Through the month of July, I will donate 75% of the sale of each of these cards to Oxfam America's Gulf Coast Oil Spill Response Fund. If you would like to purchase one, they are available here. Thank you so much for your help.

Here's how to make the fish swim in a circle (at whatever speed you desire :) as demonstrated by my daughter:

I was inspired by the shimmering, swirling fish that I saw in the Scott Aquarium at the Henry Doorly Zoo during our family trip to Omaha, Nebraska last fall:

This is a limited edition print run of 80, and each card is numbered and initialed. They were printed on my antique hand-powered letterpress.

Again, thank you.


  1. i love how you process and channel your inspiration, christy - these are spectacular!