Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Plentiful Periwinkle

I have been printing up a storm during the past week, and the periwinkle blue Swirly Personalized Bookplates are back in stock. I reprinted all three colors, so there plenty to go around now. Thank you to everyone who's made this item such a success; this is the third printing of these bookplates!

The other good news: I have implemented online proofs for all the personalized items. So rather than faxing a proof back to me as in the past, it's all done on the website. I hope that will make the process much easier for everyone.


  1. you amaze me. these are so lovely, the details are mouth wateringly good.

  2. Aimee, I'm working on those men's bookplates... I haven't forgotten! I hope to have them ready soon.

    Thanks, Heather — that's exactly how I feel about your work!